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At P6 Firearms Training, LLC we believe that with an individual’s right to own a firearm comes with the moral, legal and ethical obligation of learning how to safely handle, correctly maintain and properly use that firearm.

We believe that firearms safety and proficiency starts with proper training and that these skills can be learned in a safe, enjoyable and relaxed environment.

P6 offers courses for all skill levels. Whether you are looking for a concealed carry permit course or a more advanced course, we offer it. We also have courses for ladies only.







Why choose Us to instruct you?

When deciding where to train, just ask yourself one question. Do you want to learn how to pass a test or how to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones with a firearm?

At P6 we focus on exceptional customer service and provide our students with real world skills that serve them well from the range to the home and everywhere in between.

P6 Firearms Training, LLC is a proud USCCA Official Partner and we encourage every gun owner to take advantage of what the USCCA offers. 

“Took my concealed carry course with P6. Markis was extremely professional, prepared and informative. Not only were we taught the Illinois statutes and laws, but the NRA presentation as well. Furthermore, he had us perform various drills ranging from clearing different types of malfunctions, personal specific firearm instruction, tactical reloading, stress type situations and drills drawing from the holster. He guided us all the way to the range for qualification and continues to provide support if needed well after the class. I look forward to furthering my education and training with P6 and Markis. Thank you!”

Tony C.

“I took my CCL training with P6 a year ago, with a friend of mine. Our instructor, Markis, was very professional and informative. He didn’t just go over the material like many other teachers do and expect you to keep up. He stopped and explained every time we had questions. He paid attention to every detail. Not only did he teach us what we needed to know to pass our CCL training but also trained us on how to handle your gun in stressful situations. He showed us how to draw effectively and most importantly safely. He simulated with us stressful situations and was able to teach us how to react to it. You never know what life will bring you but definitely one thing you can do is to prepare as much as you can so you’re ready. That’s why my training did not just stop on CCL and I continue to train with the best and Markis Miranda does it with passion. I Highly recommend him to anyone, great guy!”

Rafal W.

“Markis is an awesome instructor, he made it easy for me and my wife to schedule our class room and range courses. He came to us with all of the course materials that we needed and his presentation was on point! He would take the time to answer any and every question that we had with patience and poise, in fact he even asked us if we had any more questions, just to make sure that all of our questions were answered and that we were comfortable with the C.C. training. When it came to the range time, there again he would remind us on what we’ve learned in the class room especially when it came to safety. Made sure that we were prepared with our safety equipment before we entered the firing range. Mr. Miranda is a straight up no nonsense professional trainer who really cares about us knowing all we needed to know to get our C.C.L. and also all we needed to know about the responsibilities and laws when it comes to C.C. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Brian M.

“The classroom training portion was awesome. Markis is a great instructor. He was patient and understanding and didn’t move on until I understood everything. At the range, I couldn’t have asked for a more patient man! I was having some doubt issues behind the gun. Markis was reassuring and so patient with me. I passed the range test as a result of his patience and encouragement.”

Elizabeth M.

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Pricing & Courses

We offer private, couple, and group rates for our training courses. There is also Military and First Responder pricing available.

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All of our courses focus first and foremost on firearm safety and safe handling practices.

At P6, we start by working with our students to establish solid fundamentals; correct grip, stance and trigger mechanics.

We teach students how to place shots where they want them instead of where they hope they will land.

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